Leading Bioeconomy Research Centres in Ireland

Ireland’s bioeconomy research calibre is one of the best, if not, the best in the world. The country shelters some of the top research facilities and centres achieving one milestone after another.

If you are looking for the biggest developments in this field of research, here are the facilities you should get the latest updates from.

BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre

Situated in Belfield, Dublin, is a collective effort of the University College Dublin, TEAGASC, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, and the National University of Ireland Galway.

Leading Bioeconomy Research Centres in Ireland scientist - Leading Bioeconomy Research Centres in Ireland

SFI or better known as BiOrbic is a leader when it comes to developing new technology for bioeconomy efforts that converts waste into a product of values. BiOrbic gets most of its data and resources by harnessing Ireland’s natural resources from land and sea.

BiOrbic has provided newfound knowledge and value in the production of renewable and sustainable biological resources and conversion of waste streams into once again, value-added products, mainly for food, biobased chemicals, biomaterials, and bioenergy.

BiOrbic is also ahead when it comes to various research including Agri-food machine and selective separation.

Irish Bioeconomy Foundation

Irish Bioeconomy Foundation of the IBF is the country’s national bioeconomy association and innovation cluster. The IBF was founded to monitor the developments in Ireland’s emerging bioeconomy in terms of research and production.

The foundation, just like BiOrbic aims to promote the global conversion of waste streams into high-value products for a sustainable future. The IBF is developing its campus to further the effort of “exploiting the significant opportunities which existed to produce high-value bio-based chemicals from domestically available low-value biomass residues.”

IBF is partnered with both private and public sectors to continue their on-going research and to generate funding.

IBF and BiOrbic are working hand in hand to advance each other’s research that will someday benefit not only Ireland but the entire world.

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