About Us

About Us - About Us

Bioeconomy Beacon is one of Ireland’s most trusted blogs about bioeconomy and sustainability research all over the globe. We provide the latest news, issues, and developments focused on different bioeconomy research mainly in Ireland and offshore.

Ben’s Vision

The blog was created back in 2013 by maintenance technician Ben Sullivan. Ben studied marine biology and sustainability back in college and he was able to get a degree. However, he was unable to pursue his career in that field,so he decided to opt for another opportunity.

But, Ben never lost his passion and interest in the bioeconomy and the preservation of ecosystems. So, Ben never stopped learning more about the field of study and he would share every piece of information he learned with his co-workers.

In August 2013, Ben decided to create a blog focused on bioeconomy research and nothing more. He started with a couple of beginner level educational pieces as an introduction for the blog and bioeconomy.

Not long after, Ben was able to build quite the audience, mostly from Ireland.

The Break

Back in 2015, the Bioeconomy Beacon blog was featured during a marine biology conference at the University College Cork. Ben was in attendance and he was blown away how his blog helped hundreds of students better understand the many issues we face today and come up with solutions of their own.

After that, the blog was featured in several sustainable and bioeconomy events and programs all over Ireland. The blog took up recording over 18,000 readers with an average of 4,500 readers daily.

BB Today

Today, Bioeconomy Beacon is 45,000 strong with readers from all over the world. Ben was able to rally up some of the best minds in Ireland to help him produce not only blog content but research materials for millions of people to benefit from.

Bioeconomy Beacon became an information powerhouse focused not only on research but on organizational movements and programs as well. Ben and the rest of Bioeconomy Beacon are working with dozens of organizations all over the globe sharing the mission of saving the earth for the future generation.

Join the Cause

This is our call to all of you. Join the mission of furthering sustainable efforts to resolve dozens of issues and crises we face today. If we don’t act now, then these problems will impact the lives of our children and their children.

That is not the future we dream of. The production of biobased goods, services, and energy will establish a brighter and better future for us all. There are many ways you can contribute, contact us today to learn more.